Since Warhola is a full-service, professional production company, we can handle as much or as little as you want. We pride ourselves on a quality product with a fast turn-around. Our experience in all aspects of production affords us to be leaders in the industry. For more information on any of our services, please feel free to contact us today at 1-866-WARHOLA.

From outlining an idea, to script-writing, pre-production is without a doubt the most important part of the production process. The more organized a project is in pre-production, the more efficient and cost-effective the production. We have written concepts for thousands of spots, corporate videos, and complex training scripts.

Studio and Location Production
Acquisition is key in obtaining the footage needed for a production. Warhola uses the latest cameras and technology to accomplish this in full HD resolution. Our broadcast, high-definition cameras record on Solid-State media. Our new studio is perfect for doing green-screen work, product shots, or a full set. We can work with you to determine your needs and create an environment that works for your project. We also will go on-location to capture your facility, interviews, or product on site. See

Using the latest tools and technology, Warhola Productions prides itself on creative editorial with a super-fast workflow. Our clients are rewarded with an excellent product delivered faster than most production companies can offer, which in turn reduces cost. Warhola has four edit suites with broadcast-quality hardware and monitoring. Our Storage Area Network (SAN) is part of what makes our workflow so efficient.

Location Scouting

It is usually necessary to visit the site before production begins. This helps us to determine what equipment to bring, lighting challenges, and any other special considerations that may be involved. Scouting a location is an inexpensive way to avoid expensive problems due to lack of planning at the site.

Actor and Model Casting

We work with many local agencies to ensure that you have a large selection of talent. By using on-line media technology, you can view cast reels via the web to ensure that you have the right person for the job. Warhola Productions is also fortunate to have on staff our own voice-over and on-camera talent. Kevin O’Leary shines as Warhola’s own 'in-house' personality which is great for any project, especially when changes are needed quick or working on tight deadlines.

Live Event or On-Demand Presentations

Warhola Productions is experienced at live presentations and can offer multi-camera HD or SD On-Demand videos for delivery on DVD or the web. Using our 'Live Content Producer', Content Delivery Network (CDN) and High-Definition camera packages, we can feed a live presentation to an encoder for the web or a projector for display. This is a very affordable way to communicate with a large audience, such as an employee event or sales force meeting. See our Webcasting video for more information.

Audio Recording Services

With an in-house audio engineer, on staff talent, and a professional sound-controlled audio booth, we deliver voice-over work for projects, well... all the time! You can also provide your own talent, or let us look for a voice-over personality for you. With high-quality microphones, talk-back system and direct-to-disk recording, Warhola Productions will ensure you receive a top-notch audio track.

DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring and Mastering

We started doing DVD authoring at its inception, so we really understand what works and what doesn't. Let our experts design and author your project using the latest software and technology. We have authored thousands of titles for national and international distribution. Multiple motion menus, subtitles, copy-protection encryption, multi-lingual audio tracks and closed-captioning are part of our capabilities.

Audio Post-Production and Mixing

With an in-house audio engineer, and using the latest software packages, we can complete full, professional audio mixes in stereo or 5.1, including encoding for Dolby Digital and DTS. Audio services include restoration, mixing, encoding for multi-channel environments, voice-over recording and music beds. We have done 5.1 surround mixes for several DVD releases and broadcast programs.

Multimedia Services

Using Adobe® Flash authoring or AutoPlay Media Studio, we can create impressive CDs with or without video elements for use in trade shows, mailers, or demos. We can also handle duplication and replication with custom printing on these as well.

Web Encoding and Streaming Media Hosting

With our advanced web encoders and vast knowledge of formats and compression, Warhola Productions can take your finished product and ensure it's of the highest quality. We can advise you on the best formats and delivery methods from Windows Media, QuickTime, and Flash. We offer true, streaming media technology and can guide you on where and how to host your finished productions.

CD and DVD Duplication and Replication Services

Warhola is competitive, experienced, and responsive to our customers' needs for CD and DVD reproductions. We offer in-house duplication, complete with on-disc full-color printing and packaging for both CD and DVD masters. We are locally known for providing excellent service in the area of replication which we have done in quantities as high as 500,000 units! Whether you need a few discs to hand out for a sales presentation or a million DVDs about a product launch, Warhola can consult with you on the best option for your project today.

Live Web Video and On-Demand Hosting

Using our Live Content Producer and our Content Delivery Network (CDN), we can offer you a live streaming web cast to be delivered to your customers, sales force, or your entire company. We can broadcast live from either your meeting room or our studio or we can pre-record your meeting and offer it on-demand. The future of video content distribution is streaming media!

Transcription, Translation, Subtitling and Closed-Captions

With in-house transcription services, we can generate subtitles, closed-captions and even have translations provided for your content. In 1996, the FCC made it mandatory to provide closed-captioning on broadcast content... and it’s a good practice to provide subtitles on DVD content to accommodate hard-of-hearing viewers. With translations, your DVD content can be distributed world-wide, which increases your viewing market.

High-Quality Video Conversions

We now offer the best video conversions available! The new Blackmagic-Design Teranex format converter is the world’s leading converter. Offering pristine quality SD and HD up/down and cross conversions as well as foreign (PAL-NTSC) formats. We can convert and capture your video from tape or hard-drive and record to Pro-Res HQ to provide super high-quality 10 bit HD files of your footage. Formats we currently support in NTSC are: VHS, DVD, Betamax, Umatic, Betacam SP, SX, IMX, Digital Betacam, mini DV, DV, and HDV. PAL playback formats supported include: DVD, Betacam SP, SX, IMX, Digital Betacam, mini DV, DV and HDV. See our blog entry or contact us today to find out more!